Fed up with a tedious 澳洲十在线计划网页-168开奖现场直播-幸运澳洲10历史记录
and expensive billing
& collections process?

ConnectBooster automates billing and collections tasks AND collects customer payments, so you don’t have to do your least favorite chores.

Fed up with a Tedious 澳洲十在线计划网页-168开奖现场直播-幸运澳洲10历史记录 Collections Process?

Automate with ConnectBooster, so you don’t have to do your least favorite chores.




You have more productive things to do than invoicing and collections. 

If you’re like most service providers, you spend a frustrating amount of time each week on repetitive, manual accounting tasks: bill work, create and send invoices, collect and process payment, reconcile payments with your accounting software and again in your CRM, PSA or time-tracking software. And when invoices become overdue, you spend even more time contacting customers to gently ask for what’s owed.  

A manual billing & collections process is:







Send Invoices. Get Paid.
It’s That Simple.

It shouldn’t take 15+ steps of manual babysitting. It doesn’t have to be this way. ConnectBooster is a scalable solution that replaces manual billing and collections tasks with automation so you can get paid on time, every month, with less work.

An Award-Winning

Payment Automation Platform

幸运澳洲10彩票信息:幸运澳洲10开奖直播-幸运澳洲10开奖结果查询 A frustrating and costly chore no more.

We know firsthand that billing for a service company is more complicated than other business types. However, it
doesn’t have to be burdensome or expensive. ConnectBooster has helped thousands of service companies transform
their billing and collections procedures from arduous to effortless.

See how ConnectBooster can help you:

Achieve faster,
predictable cash flow

Reduce the average time it takes
to get paid by 30+ days

Make month-end effortless

Save 1-3 days per month on
billing-related tasks.

Save money every month

Recoup fees with ACH and
automated discount options.

Reduce billing errors

Eliminate data-entry errors by
integrating with the tools you
already use.

Promote customer

Offer 24/7 transparency with a
branded portal and eliminate
awkward collections calls.


Ensure security

Protect customer-sensitive
information in a 100% PCI-compliant payment vault.

Plus, ConnectBooster pretty much pays for itself. How?

Slide to see how much you’ll save on Credit Card Processing Fees!

Total Dollars Paid Through ConnectBooster, Per Month


Total Dollars You Save AFTER ConnectBooster SAAS Cost

Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call to get your custom quote.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps…


Schedule a Discovery Call 

Talk with our team to see how you can save time and money while collecting faster. 


Accept Your Quote 

After we talk, you’ll receive a custom quote tailored to the size and needs of your business. 


Onboard & Love Month-End 

A support member will get you and your team set up and trained in a single two-hour call. 

What Our Customers Say

“I have been using ConnectBooster for almost a year. We have
lowered our processing costs and increased our collections.
The product paid for itself within days! Don’t delay. Join
ConnectBooster today!”

Scott Haselkorn

Haselkorn, Inc.

“The extra money and time that I was able to regain with
ConnectBooster allowed me to invest back in my business.”

Angel Rojas


“ConnectBooster was life-changing for the business. They held
our hands for onboarding and it changed the way I view
finance in the company.”

Dianna Pizzo

IT Solutions


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In this free eBook, learn how manual billing, collections and payment processing are error-prone, time-intensive and can cause major slowdowns with far-reaching financial and operational consequences. 

Experience a faster, cheaper and more reliable way to automatically get paid with ConnectBooster. 

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